FOX WEEKLY Publishes, Then Deletes ISIS Article Describing Another 911 Attack – And Then Changes The Headline AGAIN!

By Chris Dickinson – Join Me on Facebook:

This has been bugging me ladies and gentlemen since the news first broke on this leak a couple of weeks ago, and having performed my own research on this potentially deadly subject, the reports coming from a small minority of conspiracy theorists regarding this been merely a ‘HOAX’ are wide of the mark… least for now.

ISS 911 Attack

The news that originally broke courtesy of released some interesting screen captures of the alleged article that Fox Weekly broke, and then subsequently removed on the 21st August 2014. The headline, that read: “AP: ISIS Militants Launches Attack On The U.S”, if true in any sense, are nothing short of ground-breaking to say the least.

The article was swiftly removed, although it wasn’t long before 2 article’s under the following URL were traced and cached by The Way Back Machine:

It was also reported by the alternative media a similar (or perhaps identical) article appeared on the main Fox News website, but with absolutely no substance to that rumour in particular, this has to be ruled out.

Furthermore, a lot of people are slightly confused over the fact that this article ever existed in the first place, with some suggesting it was entirely a photoshop job and a complete hoax. It is also true it is possible to cache your own links using “The Way Back Machine”, so in theory I could simply think of a URL regarding aliens landing on the white house lawn and put this through the Archive to cache the link, however on this occasion, the article headline above REALLY WAS published on Fox Weekly and here’s how we know.

The Fox Weekly website itself has been built using WordPress, a very common web publishing content management system. Furthermore the small team of journalists take advantage of a plugin using DISQUS which runs a comments system for website visitors to reply to for their articles. It also displays all ‘Related News’ below each of their articles, and it’s HERE that where the “AP: ISIS Militants Launches Attack On The U.S” headline popped up.

Below is a copy of the draft article that was captured on the suspect article:

WASHINGTON — If the Ferguson riots couldn’t have stressed Americans enough, a group of terrorist militants working for ISIS have launched a strike in U.S. locations. [sec. continue…] C. 1 – C.2 –

The Associated Press has confirmed reports of ISIS militants who crossed the U.S./Mexico border [sec. continue…]

The death toll is expected to rise [sec. continue…]

President Barack Obama is expected to have a retaliatory strategic plan on the table within the next 2 hours, as the president will be addressing the nation alongside General Charles Jacoby Jr.

. The Deputy Chief Counsel of the FAA Pat A. McNall had announced earlier to ground all flights in and out of the U.S.

[sec continue…]

[sec continue…]

[sec continue…]

[sec continue…]


Source: AP

Mack Quigley, non-surprisingly over at: does a pretty good job at summarising the draft itself, and to be fair the structuring and choice of language/grammar for the article does indeed look rather unprofessional. However this isn’t what’s bugging me about this entire story (or non story as we will soon find out).

A certain individual going by the name of Nick Varnalis is the ‘only’ person who people at this stage are pointing the finger at, simply because he managed to see the article for himself and commented “Check it Out” before the article was swiftly removed. So, because the DISQUS comments system has cached his name and image alongside the suspect headline, I’ve found no evidence what-so-ever that this man was involved.

It’s been suggested his Facebook profile (see here: was shut down following his ‘supposed’ disastrous cock-up, but the truth is, he’s alive and kicking on the social network and he doesn’t appear to have any motive, nor the precise IT knowledge to hack into a WordPress website to post this HOAX article. Yes, he may be involved with certain elements of Information Technology, but to suggest this is the reason how and why he hacked FOX WEEKLY has no substance at all. (I’m a web developer myself using WordPress on a daily basis and I would imagine the website will have enhanced security plugins installed to combat most hacks, unless he’s a password cracker which is unlikely).

Up to now, most of the above is pretty much common knowledge, and you may be thinking “So what?”, but the only two outcomes as to HOW an article with this calibre of headline made it’s way onto the website was either A) One of the editors/publishers gave or exposed his or her login details to a member of the public to exploit. Or the rather unsettling B) It was a monumental error, but an error they don’t seem to REALLY care about. I say this because although they 404’ed the headline URL, it could still be traced back using the DISQUS ‘related news’ section underneath their articles as we’ve already discussed.

With this is mind, if I were trying my DAMMED hardest to hide this article, I would have quickly deleted the entire DISQUS Plugin to stop it appearing on the website (because to date the horrific headline still appears under certain news articles on the website. It’s pretty much dead certain they know about the DISQUS headline trace at the bottom, because it’s been covered on other articles and across YouTube. So it’s really strange how they haven’t acted more on the cock-up. Either that or they simply don’t care.

It is worth noting that I’ve contacted both Nick Varnalis over on Facebook, Fox Weekly themselves, and Fox Weekly journalist Francis Kyle over email 24 hours ago, and I’ve had NO reply from any of them. You’d think if they were really concerned about censoring this article in it’s entirety (which they first did when they 404’ed it) then they’d release some kind of statement to explain the error, or the fact they were hacked or whatever.

So, maybe something is going to go down after all on the 11th September, 13 year’s after the last major global cover-up (of which they’ve been many!) Either this, or Fox Weekly have deliberately manufactured this headline to draw attention to the website, or to use as some kind of psyop for a future-event. If this is the case, then this is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL to say the least.

Fox Weekly, although a small team of 6 journalists/editors are a very reputable news source. With over 200,000 Twitter followers, including Fox News direct and others such as Sky News & the BBC, they’re as credible a news source as you’ll ever get. I can tell just by looking at the quality of the website that this is a serious venture.

I’ve heard from a couple of sources (unreliable to be fair but worth mentioning while we’re on the subject) that the ISIS infiltration will start from the Mexican border, and over 100 shopping malls will be the prime targets across the United States. No mention of the 11 planes missing from Libya been involved, although this is undoubtedly a question in focus given the circumstances of 911 in 2001 (make that 12 planes if you include missing Malaysian plane MH370!).

Now, here’s where it gets weirder still. Having been researching and pondering over this subject for the past couple of days, I happened to catch Fox Weekly in the act CHANGING the headline “AP: ISIS Militants Launches Attack On The U.S” to something else. Barring in mind this was first discussed, and almost forgotten about 18 days previous…………..WHY WOULD THEY BE CHANGING THE HEADLINE, BUT NOT REPLYING TO MY NUMEROUS EMAILS ON THE SUBJECT, OR EVEN REMOVING SOME OF MY OWN DISQUS COMMENTS I’VE LEFT ON THEIR ARTICLES? (See image below for headline comparisons)

To clarify……it was roughly 8pm GMT on 8th September when the article headline and URL was changed to “ISIS Militants Attack The US Mainland”………SAY WHAT??? What the hell are these guys talking about. The URL has also changed to: — Notice the grammar has improved from the initial reports? Very strange stuff indeed!

To summarise, I’m not even going to try and predict what will happen on the 11th of September or over the course of the next couple of weeks or so. I HOPE nothing does happen, and if/when it doesn’t then at the very least, FOX WEEKLY HAVE SOME MAJOR EXPLAINING TO DO, because right now their credibility and reputation is about to go right out of the window!

With that in mind, my hopes and best wishes go out to everyone in the US, stay safe, stay strong, ignore the mainstream media and seek the truth……ISIS IS A CIA OPERATION!!!